Modular Water Treatment Solutions

OFT Projects Mozambique, in association with our Groups members, can provide Modular Plug and Play Water Treatment solutions, as Small packaged Engineered plant and Equipment.

Our Groups services are utilized by leading Retail Chains, Property Developers, Dairies, Soft drink and Brewing plants and range from Small Engineered plant to Large Packaged Systems linked to maintenance and comprehensive site based Operate and Maintain contracts.

We have extensive experience in the following fields:

Modular Water Plant Design & Manufacture,

Reverse Osmosis Plants (Fixed and Mobile),

Deionization (DI),

Sand and Multimedia Filtration,

Water Softeners and Activated Carbon Filtration,

Desalination Plants (fixed and mobile),

Waste Water Recovery Systems,

Ozone / U.V. Disinfection Systems,

Water Treatment Chemicals & Consumables.

Some of our Project managers have been concluding Asset Care Services for over 12 years in Mozambique and have developed Project Management Protocols which is adding value to our clients through quality feedback reporting systems and proactive teamwork.

We focus on identifying technical solutions for our clients existing or proposed Treatment Program which will reduce operating costs and improve Output, Power Usage, Yield efficiencies and Plant and equipment performance.

Also available is our onsite water usage, OEM and Spares audits.


Please feel free to Contact us or browse our website to learn more about the extent of our combined services.